Civil registration in public schools

      The primary objective of this project is to provide access to civil registration services in public elementary schools in Davao City particularly in far flung areas. It is intended to ensure that before the children completes the primary level of their education, their civil registry records are corrected or their status are appropriately reflected in their records. The CCRO in coordination with the Department of Education, particularly the Office of the School Division Superintendent selected public elementary schools strategically located in Davao Out of these schools, the DEP-ED will choose the most suitable public school teacher who will undergo the two (2) days extensive training on civil registration. Thereafter, they will have to undergo a fifteen (15) days on the job training at various CCRO district offices. After completing their training, the civil registration outlet shall be established in their respective schools. Their operation shall be directly supervised by the District Head who has territorial jurisdiction over the school. The public school teachers and those directly involved in the implementation of this project will be entitled to receive monetary incentive or consideration subject to the reasonable accounting and auditing procedures.